2019 SKCEC Executive Committee

President/President-Elect: Lara Morrow
President Elect: vacant
Secretary :  Amy Legendre
Treasurer: Lori Doell
Past President: Lara Morrow

2019 Appointments

Membership: Shelley Barrett
Communications/Webmaster: Shannon Lansford & The STF
CAN Coordinator: Tracy Schnell-Persson
Representative Assembly Representative: Andra Thorstad & Kendra Campbell
Member at Large: Tracy Schnell-Persson & Carla Buechler
Canadian CEC Member at Large: Linda Balon-Smith *position soon to dissolve
Archives/Constitution/ Pubic Policy: Vacant

Constitution: open

Yes I Can Awards Chair: Andra Thorstad,  Lara Morrow & Kendra Campbell

Harry Dahl Scholarship Committee Member: Tracy Schnell-Persson & Andra Thorstad

CEC 2018 Presidents Message